MIRACLE MULLEN DOWNS FOUNDATION promotes a better world for children with Down syndrome!

                                      Mission Statement

 Our mission is to help educate and provide training for families affected by Down syndrome. To ensure that children with Down syndrome get help early and often. The sooner they are in therapy and seeing the necessary physicians they need, the better their chances are for living a more productive life. To provide families with information about Down syndrome.


Our Vision

  • Our vision is to change the lives of families affected by Down syndrome by giving them hope through training assistance
  • Educate parents and siblings on how to adjust and what to do to help their miracle child to excel.
  • See that children with Down syndrome get the best of care
  • Ensure that no Miracle child is left behind due to their condition

About Us


Welcome to the online site of The Miracle Mullen Downs Foundation. We are glad you are taking the time to visit our site.

Due to the effect that Down syndrome has on the families physically, mentally, and emotionally, this foundation is designed to assist families with training and provide information about Downs to help parents and siblings learn how to deal with their miracle child. Our future goal is to provide financial assistance to families that need it to ensure their Downs child would get proper care. 


  • Ø  It is founded by a family that is affected by Down syndrome.
  • Ø  It educates families of children with Downs
  • Ø  It connects families with special training to get assistance for children with Downs.
  •   We have an undying love for  people with special needs.
  •   Strong desire to make the lives  of Downs children better


Miracle Mullen Downs Foundation is a 501(c)3 Organization

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We solicit your help in assisting families affected by Down syndrome. Please consider partnering with us by becoming a monthly donor of $5, $10, $20, or more by clicking the donate button or mail a check or money order to Miracle Mullen Downs Foundation 921 Hagwood Road Birmingham, AL 35235 All donations are tax deductible 

921 Hagwood Road Birmingham, AL 35235 Phone 205-283-4015

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